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Stack of Reclaimed Barn Siding

The brown barn board is usually reclaimed from the barn interior and will have a less weathered appearance. Like most vintage wood, barn siding has been air dried over many years and, as a result, is dry and stable.

Reclaimed Barn Siding Inventory

Below are photos of some of our typical barn siding and barn board inventory.

Two stacks of reclaimed barn siding One pile of barn siding 2 Piles of barn siding
Truck load of reclaimed barn siding Stacking barn siding Load of barn siding arrives at vintage timberworks

Barn Wood Siding Products - GET QUOTE

Following are the various reclaimed barn siding products we offer arranged in various appearances available.

Barn siding product
As is Barn Siding
Barn board siding sanded product
As is Barn Board
Reclaimed Thresher Board Product
As is Thresher Barn Board
Sanded barn siding planking product
Sanded Brown Barn Siding
Sanded gray barn siding product
Sanded Gray Barn Siding
simi Surfaced barn siding product
Semi Surfaced Barn Siding
Painted barn siding
Painted Barn Siding

Sawn Barn Siding
Hand hewn face cuts product
Hand Hewn Face Cuts
Edge cut barn board paneling
Edge Cut Barn Board Paneling
Mixed barn wood siding
Mixed Barn Siding

Reclaimed Barn Siding Sources

Vintage barn siding originates from the exterior wall of the barn, the barn roof system, and from barn wood used to create the interior partitions. Barn siding averages 1” in thickness, 4-8” in width, 6-10’ in length. The surface appearance of reclaimed barn wood usually displays the original circular saw marks and nail holes. If exposed the elements as barn siding, the barn wood will have a gray appearance, while the interior barn boards will be a mellow brown. Barn wood and barn siding is used as the starting point for a number of our Vintage barn wood products including roof decking, barn board wall paneling, and rustic barn board flooring. Get Quote for barn wood siding..
outside of barn wood siding
Barn Wood Roof Interior

Barn Wood Sources

Here are some examples of barns from which our reclaimed barn siding is harvested. More Photos >

Reclaimed barn wood siding sources strip with 5 barns



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