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Listed below are some items that we are able to offer at a considerable discount. These products can range from a small flooring overrun to large quantities of similarly sized dimensional stock that can be offered at a great price. To receive the discounted rate, the entire quantity listed must be purchased.  Any flooring listed is provided unfinished and all prices exclude delivery or shipping. Please call or email for availability.

Rough Unpainted Douglas Fir

12″x12″ x 20′ + 36′

$1/BF for entire load!!!

We need to make room for incoming inventory by letting this material go for a steal! 

21@36′, 1@34′, 18@20′, 1@15′, 1@10′, 1@8′

13,764 Board Feet

Engineered 3″ Wormy Chestnut Flooring Semi Surfaced

$14.25/sf   (25% off)

637 square feet

This batch of semi surfaced chestnut flooring is available in all 3″ wide planks. It would be great to lay as random length or you could cut it to length for a herringbone or chevron pattern.

Rustic 8″ Douglas Fir Shiplap

1390 Square Feet Available in primarily long lengths.

Perfect for exterior siding and available for immediate purchase.

Partial unit purchase available for $8.50/SF

Full Unit Discount 10%

Mixed 1″ and thicker cutoff boards

Sold by the unit @ $.40/BF

While milling timbers, we generate piles of cutoff faces from the beams. Each piece will be different in appearance, texture, thickness and width. Units are usually 500 BF or larger. The amount of this material that we generate and sell makes a real-time inventory of this material difficult. Please call for pictures and tallies of available units. 


Weathered Gray Oak Engineered Flooring

$13.10/sf (25% off)

105 square feet available

This limit production of weathered gray oak flooring is the real thing that everyone is trying to artificially reproduce in laminate flooring and porcelain tile. A beautiful silver gray with natural light and darker tones and varying degrees of texture on each board make this a perfect choice for a small room.

Engineered Rustic Douglas Fir Flooring – Random Width

$9/sf (25% off)

489 square feet available

This batch of engineered flooring is available in mixed widths. 4″, 6″, and 8″ wide

Solid 8″ Rustic Douglas Fir

$6.40/sf (25% off)

196 square feet available

A small batch of long length rustic Douglas Fir flooring. Solid 8′ wide plank.

Solid Wormy Chestnut Bead-board Wainscoting

$10/sf (24% off)

Each board measures 3 1/2″ between the bead profile for a total of a 4″ board. This is a small amount of overstock that we have on hand. Larger amounts in a variety of species are available on special order.

Engineered 10″ Rustic Douglas Fir

$9/sf (25% off)

130 square feet

A small batch of long length rustic Douglas Fir flooring. Engineered wide plank.

Douglas Fir Shiplap

$6.40/sf (25% off)

230 square feet available

A small batch of long length rustic Douglas Fir shiplap. Solid 4 1/4″ and 6 1/4″ wide planks.

Random Width Gray Board Tongue and Groove

60 SF

$5 sf/ (over 50% off)

Originally milled as exterior siding, this small pile of tongue and groove is great for small furniture work.

Engineered 5″ Semi Surfaced Douglas Fir Flooring

$9.20/sf (25% off)

188 square feet available