Vintage Timberworks, Inc. is currently offering some of the finest reclaimed Redwood on earth. This lumber originated from ancient old growth stands of coastal California Redwood and are among the largest trees on the planet. Logged extensively beginning in the mid 1800’s to supply the gold rush era demand and industrial age America, only 5% of the original Redwood forest remains, protected  in National and State Parks.  In 1933 this Redwood timber was cut and used for the Walker Creek Basin road project. These Civilian Conservation Corp projects put people back to work in the aftermath of the Great Depression.  This road bridge was recently de-commissioned and reclaimed by Vintage Timberworks, Inc.


FOHC 6x16x20

Over 300 Beams  Available

Discount Available for Quantity

FOHC 12×14

2/25, 2/24, 2/22, 2/21, 1/20, 1/19, 3/16, 2/14

Discount Available for Quantity

FOHC 4×14 & 4×16 up to 20′

Approx. 5000 BF 

Discount Available for Quantity

Ask about having us resaw the redwood beams into perfectly straight, uniform dimensioned beams or into planking. This material can also be provided with a surfaced appearance where we have removed all texture.

Hand Hewn Redwood is a popular option for anyone looking for a more rustic application with some incredible old growth material.

Old growth Redwood is an excellent choice for a shiplap or tongue and groove profile so it can be used as exterior siding. (Shown with a shiplap profile with an 1/8″ reveal)