Box Beam Fabrication


Custom Box Beams

Our skilled crew has perfected the art “disassembling” solid antique timbers and reassembling them into hollow timbers without discernable seams. Virtually indistinguishable from solid timbers, our custom fabricated box beams are a great choice for customers looking to wrap existing framing or want the look of solid timbers without the weight. Alternatively, many customers opt to purchase our reclaimed planking to create their own box beams.

Box Beam Fabrication

After many years of fabricating box beams, our skilled crew has been able to create them virtually indistinguishable from solid beams. Depending on the appearance and size of the box beams, we either use our planking product or mill faces off of our beams to create box beams. Due to the labor and waste involved in manufacturing, box beams are typically more expensive than solid beams. They are typically the best option for applications that require  the wrapping of exposed structural elements such as glu-lams, steel I-beams, and steel columns. They can also be used as an alternative to solid beams in applications precluding the use of the heavier solid beams.

We can fabricate them to match the appearance of any of our solid beams or planking options. Although we have made box beams in a continuos run over 40′ long and 24″ tall, there are situations where the material is not available in the requested  height or lengths requested.  We typically seam material together to give it the appearance of stacked timbers when the height is not feasible in a single piece and when the lengths are not available, we recommend steel brackets to wrap the seams in the length to give the appearance of a continuous beam.

The price for the box beams vary greatly from one appearance to the next. In orders looking for a large quantity of box beams, volume discounts apply. We do not recommend box beams to be used as fireplace mantels with exposed ends as the end grain blocks do not look authentic.

For those looking to create their own box beams, we recommend visiting the reclaimed planking section to choose which appearance suits you. You can visit our showroom to look at samples or place and appointment to roll through material and select what works best.


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