Stumps & Stools

Individual petrified wood stumps and stools are listed for sale on this page. Petrified wood stools, stumps and blocks can make stunning accent tables, statue bases, plant stands, or simply just a great looking decorative object. Some have the rough natural live edge, while others have been polished with the natural organic shape of the tree that grew over 30 million years ago. While we keep our current inventory up to date on this page, feel free to reach out regarding custom large volume orders. 



petrified wood stool polished round

Item 201


petrified wood stool natural polished edge

Item 202

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 15″ Dia x 12″H

Approx. 135 lbs. $520

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petrified wood stump stool polished

Item 203

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 17″-18″ Dia x 17″H

Approx. 240 lbs. $940

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petrified wood stool full polish

Item 204

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 10-15″ Dia x 18″H

Approx. 192 lbs. $1500

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petrified wood stool stump unique polished edge

Item 205

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 14″-22″ Dia x 18″H

Approx. 320 lbs. $1640

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Vintage Timber

Item 206

White Natural Stool

Approx. 13″-18″ Dia x 17″H

Approx. ? lbs. $730

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petrified wood stool

Item 207

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 19″W x 14″D x 17″H

Approx. 310 lbs. $1525

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petrified wood stool

Item 208

Full Polished Stool

Approx. 17″W x 17″D x 17″H

Approx. 295 lbs. $1435

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petrified wood stool

Item 209




Round black petrified wood stool

Item 210

Round Black Stool

Approx. 14″Dia. x 18″H

Approx. ? lbs. $560

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petrified wood blocks

Item 211

Square Polished Blocks

Approx. 12″W x 12″D x 18″H

Approx. ? lbs. $1000 Each

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no image - Stumps and Stools

Item 212

Black Natural Stump

Approx. 15″-21″ Dia. x 18″H

Approx. ? lbs. $1130

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