Reclaimed Teak Decking



For those looking for a long lasting, weather and decay resistant decking material that’s also extraordinarily beautiful and environmentally responsible, our solid reclaimed teak decking is an excellent choice for exterior decks, patios, and walls or interior accent walls, cabinetry, and furniture stock. While offered as a smooth product, we can provide a wire brushed texture as well. It is available in either a full 1” thickness or ¾” thick with eased edges. 

Reclaimed Teak Solid Decking

Solid reclaimed teak decking is an excellent choice for exterior applications and wet environments. Teak is prized for its resilience to decay and insects. We supply the reclaimed teak decking in either 3/4″ x 5 1/4″ or a full 1″ x 6″. Length are random from 4′ to 9′. This character grade material has had the minimal nail holes and seasoning checks filled and small knots and wood patches are typical. Custom sizing and fixed lengths are possible given enough time to custom produce.

Thickness Widths Length (Av.)
¾” 5.25” 4’-9’ (6’ Av.)
1” 6” 4’-9’ (6’ Av.)

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