Reclaimed Teak Siding



Originating from Indonesian dwellings and boats, reclaimed teak is a beautiful and durable material and a great choice for wall planking and exterior siding. Teak is renown for is weather and decay resilience and wonderful grain patterns. We offer teak siding with its original patina, planed smooth, or wire brushed.

Patina Teak Siding

We offer our Reclaimed Teak in a 1/4″ thickness for wall cladding, ceiling decking, barn doors, furniture and more! The original patina and texture create a beautiful varied appearance as each board is unique in color and texture. Depending on quantity and available stock on hand, we can supply this product in a fixed width or mixed widths up to 9″ wide.

Smooth Teak Shiplap

Solid reclaimed teak shiplap siding has been milled smooth from reclaimed teak boards originating from antiquated structures in Indonesia. Responsibly sourced, this material is an excellent choice for interior and exterior applications and is an ideal choice for modern and contemporary settings.

Reclaimed Teak Planking – CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

A very unique stock of 1×6 and 1×8 solid teak in lengths up to 13′. This material can be supplied “As Is” or can be milled smooth or wire brushed. The material was imported in the 1980’s along with some extraordinarily large solid teak timers sourced from the Jarkarta Mint in Indonesia, built in the 1800’s.