New Mantel Petrified Wood



We offer a wide selection of reclaimed wood planking materials from around the world.  From rustic Oak and Chestnut barn wood and naturally weathered gray board to Australian hardwoods, reclaimed Indonesian Teak, or ultra-dense clear VG Redwood. Typically warehousing over half a million board feet of reclaimed board planks alone in a variety of sizes means we can supply both large and small jobs in a wide range of appearances. From rustic to contemporary, we have material that can be custom tailored to meet your needs. We can custom mill to you specifications to be used in interior or exterior applications. Please let us know if you would like samples of our reclaimed barnwood planking.


We inventory a stunning collection of petrified wood mantels for a truly one of a kind statement. Each piece has been cut with the natural edge left intact on the front as well as natural ends. The top has been polished to a high sheen and the bottom and back edge have been cut flat.

Please contact us for sizing and availability. Installation is the same as mounting a stone ledge. The back should be supported across the entire length and corbels or brackets are needed if the piece is not sitting on an existing ledge.

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