Vintage Reclaimed Redwood



Originating from timbers reclaimed around the West Coast, our reclaimed Redwood beams are some of the finest tight grain material we’ve ever seen. Old-growth Redwood beams simply do not compare to what is sold today in new lumber. Our reclaimed Redwood is supplied as all heartwood and virtually free of knots. We are able to sand the original rough faces, hand hew the beams or mill the beams clean with a band sawn or surfaced appearance. This is a popular material for residential and commercial applications looking for a clean, long lasting wood option.


As Is Redwood Beams are available in the condition they were received by us with visible metal removed and end damage trimmed. These beams have a variety of appearances ranging from unpainted rough-sawn to surfaced and painted. Depending on the building they came from, the surface will have some degree of character marks which result from the nails and bolts we remove and seasoning checks resulting from air drying. These can be sanded, distressed, or sandblasted on site to clean them up. You can also place an order to have us sand, grind, distress or mill them to whatever fits your application. The beams are priced per board foot and sold in whatever dimensions and lengths they are available in the yard. Free of heart selection is also available. We typically inventory over 60,000 board feet in a range of sizes and lengths up to 24′.


This product is produced from the As Is material described above. The material is passed through a special sander which gently removes dirt and splinters on the surface while leaving the original texture and patina. We typically also cut the top sides flat for installations against walls or ceilings.


Using the same hand tools as our forefathers, we can apply a hand hewn surface on our reclaimed Redwood beams. This is a great option for rustic applications where “As Is” beams are not available in the requested sizes or appearance. Because this process removes any patina or paint, it reveals raw wood that is typically stained after installation. After hand hewing the material, we pass it through our sander to remove loose splinters and give the material a polished feel that is ready for waxing. The beams are provided unfinished. We sell a colored wax that is typically applied to enhance the color and texture of this material. We can also hand hew new lumber for you for a nominal fee per board foot.


A fresh resawn appearance is created by putting the timber on our horizontal bandsaw and removing the original face on all four sides. This produces a perfectly straight beam in whatever exact dimension you order. The appearance of the final product will be similar to that of resawn new lumber with the main difference being its superior stability and dense growth ring structure. Once sawn to this new dimension, the beams will remain perfectly straight and will not twist or shrink like new lumber. Depending on the individual timber used, it will usually retain some degree of character marks and checking on the surface. Material slated to be hand hewn or surfaced can be saw sized straight first to facilitate installation. Bolt holes can be plugged prior to sawing to minimize the character marks. This appearance can also be wire brushed. Free of heart beams are an option.


After resawing the original faces off our Redwood beams, we belt sand the beam’s surface smooth to remove the bandsaw texture. This method is preferred over planer surfacing to keep any knots intact. The corners can be left square or hand-eased. Wire brushing is also available.