Exotic Hardwoods



Globally sourcing reclaimed wood gives us the opportunity to produce rare and exquisite hardwood flooring. Some of these beautiful reclaimed wood flooring products are available in extremely limited quantities. Please see below for a collection of reclaimed wood floors that can be custom tailored to suit your job.

French White Oak

This imported wood flooring is considered the Rolls Royce of White Oak and is offered as a incredibly hard, character grade flooring that can be ordered either solid or engineered. Provided as a 3/4″ x 8 1/2″ with lengths from 3′-8′. This FSC product is dense, mixed grain, nutty in color with knots and occasional seasoning checks for amazing color and character.

Please allow plenty of advance time in ordering.

French White Oak - Exotic Hardwoods
French White Oak - Exotic Hardwoods
french oak - Exotic Hardwoods
french oak flooring - Exotic Hardwoods


This super elegant chocolate colored wood flooring is offered as a limited quantity. This reclaimed American Black Walnut comes as a solid flooring product measuring approximately 11/16″ x 4 5/8″ and  6 1/2″ with lengths from 2′-7′. Sold unfinished (shown with Rubio Monocoat finish).

Reclaimed Black Walnut Flooring sold out - Exotic Hardwoods
Reclaimed Black Walnut Flooring sold out - Exotic Hardwoods


A unique lot of reclaimed Australian Blackbutt is available to be made into flooring. This light blond wood is an extremely durable wood and its figure and grain make it suitable to staining. Large quantities of this wood flooring can be sourced given a lead time of several months.

blackbutt exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
blackbutt exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
blackbutt exotic flooring02 - Exotic Hardwoods
blackbutt exotic flooring03 - Exotic Hardwoods
blackbutt exotic flooring04 - Exotic Hardwoods
blackbutt exotic flooring05 - Exotic Hardwoods


This unique looking hardwood flooring is renowned for its extreme density and resistance to wear, making it an excellent choice for commercial applications. Its unique reddish coloration will make it truly stand out. Large quantities can be sourced given several months.

iron exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
iron exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
iron exotic flooring02 - Exotic Hardwoods
iron exotic flooring03 - Exotic Hardwoods
iron exotic flooring04 - Exotic Hardwoods
iron exotic flooring05 - Exotic Hardwoods


This lot of Tasmanian Oak is a high grade light colored hardwood ranging from straw to a light reddish brown and used for hardwood flooring and millwork in many structures in Australia. It is very durable flooring and has the original foot-worn surface exhibiting years of previous use.  We have re-profiled this select batch with precision milling to 11/16″ x 2 3/8″ x random length to 13′.   It can be purchased “As-Is” for installing and sanding to your liking or we can hand detail sand the surface and ease edges by hand for you for an additional $2/sf (shown on left).

tassie exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
tassie exotic flooring - Exotic Hardwoods
tassie exotic flooring02 - Exotic Hardwoods
tassie exotic flooring03 - Exotic Hardwoods
tassie exotic flooring04 - Exotic Hardwoods
tassie exotic flooring05 - Exotic Hardwoods
Thickness Widths Length (Av.) Price / SF
3/4″ 2.25 3′-15′ (10′) $9.25
3/4″ 2.375″ 3′-15′ (10′) $9.25

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Salvaged from Rice’s Mill, built in Tennessee in 1775, this special batch of flooring was removed with extraordinary care and profound respect for its early American heritage. This flooring has not been remanufactured and is the the original foot worn floor with the original tongue and grooves. Measuring 1 1/4″ x 5″-14″ widths and random lengths from 3′-8′.

Approx. 3000 SF available

$10/SF OR

$7.76/SF for full Lot

pine - Exotic Hardwoods
coming soon - Exotic Hardwoods